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Ruzice Sokic's starting and ending life is Belgrade. She was born on December 14, 1934 in Belgrade, as the daughter of Petar Sokić, a merchant and co-owner of Pravda newspaper (1893-1964). She died on December 19, 2013 in Belgrade. As a girl, she participated in the Radio Belgrade Children's Drama Group. She graduated from the Third Women's High School and graduated in acting from the Academy of Theater, Film, Radio and Television in 1958 in the class of prof. Josip Kulundžić.As an actress she first introduced herself on the stage of Contemporary Theater in 1958, from where she moved to Atelier 212 in Belgrade in 1962, where she remained until her retirement. She has played in addition to her native, multiple Belgrade scenes in over 80 theater productions. She has transmitted the glory of her country proudly and with dignity in several European capitals, in Russia (Moscow, Petrograd), USA (New York, Los Angeles, Ridgewood, Patterson), Mexico, Shiras, Persepolis ... Theater connoisseurs say that we did not have an actress with such a large volume of roles: 97 in theaters, 28 television roles, 57 in TV series, 199 radio roles and 51 roles on film. Interestingly, she performed theater roles in twenty-one theater segments. She has distinguished herself as an interpreter of lyrical, comic and tragicomic roles, especially in the contemporary repertoire of domestic playwrights and foreign works of avant-garde and modern dramaturgy.

She has won numerous awards in the Stream of a Rich Acting Life: First Prize at the Yugoslav Television Festival Bled 65, for her role in the TV drama Girl with Three Fathers, 1965; Silver Arena in Pula for his role in the film Bitter Part of the River, 1965; Steria's awards for Mileva's role in Feeding String A. Popovic, 1966; The statue of "Curan" for his role as Mir-Jam in the play The Wounded Eagle at the Comedy Days in Svetozarev 1974; Golden Arena in Pula for the role of Our Lady in Miracle in Šargan Lj. Simovic, 1976; Golden Arena in Pula for his role in the film The Republic of Uzice, 1976; The Monodrama Gold medal for You, my Dolores at the Monodrama and Pantomime Festival, Zemun 1981; Seventh of July Republic of Serbia Award for Lifetime Achievement, 1989; Joakim Vujic Statuette for Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Theater Arts in the Republic of Serbia, Kragujevac, 1998; “Gold Medallion” at the “Ljubisa Jovanovic” Ceremonies, Sabac, 1999; Award to the Acting Comedian at the 19th "Nusic Days" in Smederevo 2002; Pavle Vuisic Award for Lifetime Achievement, Film Meetings, Niš, 2004; Žanka Stokić Award 2007; Dobrich's Ring Lifetime Achievement Award, 2011. Ruzica Sokic also reflected as a writer. Her book Passion for Flight, 2010, published by Laguna, has experienced multiple editions. So far four books have been published about Ružica Sokić, a prolific theater and film artist. On the occasion of the award of the “Dobrica's Ring”, a monograph by Ružica Sokić, published by Zoran T., was published in 2012. Jovanovic. As a deserving artist, Ruzica Sokic has received national recognition given by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, and the City of Belgrade has proclaimed her a deserving citizen, which also determines the location of her funeral in the Grand Alley in the New Cemetery. At the house in Krunska 50, where Ruzica spent most of her life, at the initiative of the Foundation, bearing her name, a memorial plaque was inscribed: IN THIS HOUSE LIVED THE GREAT SERBIAN ACTRESS RUZICA SOKIC (1934-2013).