The Foundation develops the basic principles of human solidarity, humanity and nobility and to this end encourages and rewards the creativity of the gifted artists and students of theater, film and other related arts.

The Book of the Ruzica
At the beginning of this year, preparations for the printing of the book on Ruzica Sokic began and were made in principle make arrangements with the organizer. The idea is that some interviews were given by Ruzica to some to the media and which were recorded, as well as through interviews with individuals who personally knew Ruzica and have something to say about these talks, prepare a representative, richly illustrated book. Preparing like this The book is quite complex and will therefore take months of hard work.


By the way, the Foundation published a book three years ago, in collaboration with our renowned publishing house "LAGUNA" "My Acting", prepared by our famous tetrologists, Dr. Zoran T. Jovanovic and Vesna Krcmar, PhD, and who is found its way to its readers very quickly, so the circulation of 2000 copies was almost completely sold out.

In addition to the book, the Foundation will prepare for the end of the year for printing, Bulletins, which will be printed in smaller print runs and will include materials from Open Door sessions. Also, an agreement is underway to prepare a topic on "Black Wave" or Serbian neo-realism on film, in which One of the main actors was Ruzica Sokic. This treatise should show other close-ups besides the film literary and artistic fields in which individual creators displayed "freedom of thought and representation of the true life here near us ... "