The Foundation develops the basic principles of human solidarity, humanity and nobility and to this end encourages and rewards the creativity of the gifted artists and students of theater, film and other related arts.


Open Day is an activity of considering and discussing substantive issues in particular areas of drama arts, most inspired by and based on Ruzica Sokic's cultural heritage, legacies and archives Yugoslav cinemas, as well as other scientific backgrounds. Open Day is an event organized once a month, during the theater season, as a small gathering of professionals faces led by a moderator. Attendees listen to a lecture by a moderator and then discuss the topic in the form of a salon, or when the student session is in the form of a workshop. Lectures and discussions are recorded in tone and materials are prepared for use. The intention is for most materials to be used as a supplement to the professional education of students. The project started in 2019. and was partly funded by the Ministry of Culture and Information R. Of Serbia. By the end of June, three very successful Open Door Day meetings were held, moderated by: Prof. Nebojša Romčević ("SHOWRUNNER Profession"), prof. dr Jelena Perić ("The Beginning of Theater in Serbs in the 19th Century") i our renowned actress and chairwoman of the Foundation's Board of Directors, Vesna Stankovic ("What After the Academy").

First session was held on May 19, 2019, the lecturer-moderator was Vesna Stankovic, theme of the day: „What After the Academy

Vesna Stankovic, a longtime member of the Yugoslav Drama Theater, gave some direct and helpful tips on how to project your acting career yourself. Lessons Learned to the Young The actors were received with great curiosity and were accompanied by numerous questions and expressions of opinion. In particular, Vesna emphasized the following: "You decided to pursue this profession, to pursue acting, and Although many believe the hardest to enroll in is acting studies, the real problems actually start when you go yes pave the way for yourself after your studies. The essential question then is: what after study? Each of you is pretending to play a role more and more students are acting! ”Also, a mediator suggested more professional participants to the event opportunities for self-employment, as well as income for living. She emphasized: “First of all, we have a lot to do we are constantly working on ourselves, improving ourselves. ”Most of the listeners present took an active part in the discussion and questions, their experiences and concerns.

Second session was held on May 26, 2019, the lecturer-moderator was prof. dr Nebojša Romčević, theme of the day: „Profession of SHОWRUNNER“.

As a man who successfully combined theoretical work in the field of theatrology in his creative being, but and dealing with the practical aspects of the representative arts, Professor Romcevic gave a lecture, with us still the ever-defunct profession of "showrunner". It is in the nomenclature of new professions and in terminology Western television production and industry is emerging as a profession that integrates the role of writer, that is, the author, script editor, and executive producer. This interesting and informative lecture numerous students attended - colleagues of Nebojsa Romcevic, former students of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and people with interests in the cultural field.

Third session was held on June 16, 2019, moderated by prof. dr Jelena Perić, theme of the day: „The beginning of theater in the Serbs in the 19th century“.

The lecture on this publicly under-known topic, the beginnings of theater life in Serbia - was pervasive interesting and unusual data, details, examples and anecdotes that made it interesting and dynamic.

The opening of theatrical scenes in Serbia in the 19th century, followed by the rise of dramatic works, titles of plays, creators the role of critics, and more, form an important cultural heritage. Through historical representations of these categories, The valuable experiences that are still relevant to contemporary theater life in Serbia are refreshed. A dozen respectable participants of the meeting, highly qualified experts, with their discussion confirmed it a lot briskly.