The Foundation develops the basic principles of human solidarity, humanity and nobility and to this end encourages and rewards the creativity of the gifted artists and students of theater, film and other related arts.

This year, the Foundation successfully participated in the announced competition of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the RS, for 2019, for awarding (co-financing) in the field of discovery, collection, research, documentation, study, evaluation, protection, preservation, presentation, interpretation, management and use of archival material, with its Project entitled:"Preserving, Managing and Presenting the Cultural Heritage of Ruzica Sokic." This ambitious project involves the processing of all documentation - the cultural heritage of Ruzica Sokic, which includes the listing and systematization of printed documentation, inventory and preparatory actions for digitization of printed materials, inventory and preparatory actions for digitization of audio and video materials. <<<< more
The project of documentation processing involves a complex process of creating a convenient archive from the available part of the cultural heritage of Ružica Sokić. At the end of 2018, the Foundation began a deliberate, programmed, scientific treatment of printed matter, to then compete and receive a portion of the required funding from the Ministry of Culture and Information R. Serbia to continue its work in 2019. The projected scope of work in 2019 includes work on the systematization of printed documentation, inventory and preparatory work for digitization of printed and video materials. During the established period of time, they will be treated as priority types of documents that accompany the life and professional path of Ruzica Sokic, and are valuable for the reconstruction of not only her life, but also partly the cultural and political depiction of that era in the then Yugoslav cultural space. In addition to the systematization of printed material by level, in order to create and maintain an archive of cultural heritage, it is also important to systematize material by place The total possible archive of the cultural heritage of Ruzica Sokic would consist of architects located in: the Ruzica Sokic Foundation, the Yugoslav Cinematheque, the Museum of Theater Arts, as well as the Drama Association and the Association of Film Artists, public media, television, radio stations, etc. , then to government institutions as well as privately owned. The most numerous of the paper archival documents that should be digitized are press clippings, which are also currently the most endangered material, due to the nature of the paper on which they are printed. The solution we have come to because of the current state of the material is the urgent digitization of this type of material - newspaper texts, a step beyond what the project envisaged, and placing the original in new folders and disposing of the original copy to further protect valuable unique or rare materials from decay, loss or accidental destruction. This second phase process will also include the systematization and description of the digital record to facilitate future searches. For the needs of most researchers in the future, this will be an appropriate and sufficient form, at least confirming whether the original should be consulted. The third phase of the work involves the processing of video material available to the Foundation, as well as some of the material that is in the archive of the Yugoslav Cinematheque. These are numerous interviews on video tapes (VHS), parts of series, TV dramas, video tapes from private life. <<<< less

The project covers an original, interesting program called "Open Doors Day", which the Foundation organizes once a month during the theater season and with the participation of professional persons from relevant fields of culture to cover the current topic. <<<< more

"Open Doors Day" is an activity of discussing and discussing substantive issues in particular areas of dramatic art, most often inspired by and based on the cultural heritage of Ružica Sokić, the Legacies and Archive of the Yugoslav Cinematheque, as well as other scientific backgrounds. Open Day is an event organized once a month, during the theater season, as a small gathering of professional persons led by a moderator. Attendees listen to a lecture by a moderator and then discuss the topic in the form of a lounge, or when a student session - in the form of a workshop. Lectures and discussions are recorded in tone and materials are prepared for use. The intention is to use most of the material as a supplement to students' professional education. The project started in 2019. and was partly funded by the Ministry of Culture and Information R. Of Serbia. By the end of June, three very successful Open Door Day meetings were held, moderated by: Prof. Dr. Nebojsa Romcevic ("Profession SHOWRUNNER"), Prof. dr Jelena Peric ("The Beginning of the Theater in Serbs in the 19th Century") and our well-known actress and president of the Foundation's Board of Directors, Vesna Stankovic ("What After the Academy"). <<<< less
For the past four years, the Foundation has been implementing a project to reward young playwrights, selected on the basis of a survey of several dozen respectable personalities from the dramatic art world. This successfully fulfilled one of Ružica Sokić's basic wishes - helping young artists, which is the primary goal of the Foundation's activities. Also this year, the City of Belgrade - Secretariat for Culture participates in the co-financing of this Project, which will greatly contribute to the organization of the Omaz to Ružica Sokić in the period from 14 to 19 December, when the "Ruzica Sokić" Annual Award is presented. <<<< more
In the past four years, three Annual "Ruzica Sokic" Awards have been presented: Nadi Sargin, Member of the National Theater of Serbia (2015), Jovani Gavrilovic, Member of ATELJE 212 Theater (2017) and Milica Gojkovic, Member of Yugoslav Drama Theater (2015) 2018), while in 2016, a Special Award was given to a young and very talented student of the Dadov Youth Theater - Jelena Blagojevic. This project has significantly resonated with the connoisseurs and lovers of dramatic art, and especially with young yet-to-be-established artists, so the Foundation will continue to reward young promising artists with great effort and even greater branding publicity. Otherwise, a special video "mix" is being prepared, which will present the award-winning actresses in all their significant roles, statements and ambitions. <<<< less