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About Ruzica Sokic

Ružica Sokić was one of our greatest and most prolific actresses who was equally represented in all four media; that is why the problem occurs when we try to put so rich and artistically diverse life into frame of a single biographical record.

Belgrade appears as her starting and ending life point. She was born on 14th December 1934 and died on 19th December 2013. She graduated acting from the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television. The largest part of her career was spent at Atelje 212 in Belgrade, She played in several Belgrade scenes in more than eighty theater performances. She has performed with pride and dignity in several European capitals, in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), USA (New York, Los Angeles, Ridgewood, Paterson), Mexico, Sirasa, Persepolis ...

We haven't had an actress with such a large volume of roles: ninety seven roles in the theater, twenty-seven television roles, fifty-seven in the TV series, one hundred and ninety-nine radio roles, and fifty one roles in the movies. The figure of four hundred thirty one roles is impressive. It is interesting that her theatrical roles were performed in twenty-one theaters.

She mainly was an actress of local authors, achieving significant roles in the texts of Aleksandar Popović, Borislav Pekić, Gordan Mihić, Nebojša Romčević. Characters of women from the periphery, from the people, from the bottom, were performed in an authentic way. She was an actress of Branislav Nušić in the true sense of the word, because she knew how to find the shortest way to the auditorium.

She was also sovereign in the repertoire of the world's playwright: Büchner, Ibsen, Adam, Chekhov, Albee, Vitrac, Genet, Ruzevich, Gombrowicz, Enquist, Pinter, Stoppard, O Nile, where she played complex characters of different features and destiny, both male and female. She was an outstanding interpreter of lyrical, comic and tragicomic roles, especially in the modern repertoire of local playwrights and foreign plays of avant-garde and modern dramaturgy.

The phrase "The Actress of the Century" appoints the acting life crowned with numerous awardsAward "Žanka Stokić» 2007; Lifetime achievement theater Award "Dobričin prsten" 2011, and other ...and so film avards "Pavle Vuisic " AFUN "Cristal Prizm" , and others…. Probably there is no prize for theater or film work that is not associated with her name.

Ružica Sokić was involved in teaching: she ran the acting class of the Academy of Arts "Braća Karić" (1996-2000). Several of her students have achieved a successful career in various theaters and films.

She is proved to be a remarkable writer, chronicler, telling biographies and events from her own experience in working with other actors and encounters with prominent personalities …

Her book "A Passion for Flying," published by "Laguna" in 2010 has had several editions. It was very notable among her admirers throughout Serbia.

Following Ružica's thoughts and opinion, which expressed great respect for creators of both theater and film art, as well as developed human cultural sense to her theater and film surroundings, her closest friend and companion, husband Miroslav Lukić founded "The Foundation of RUŽICA SOKIĆ" a few months after her death, contributing the greatest part of her and his own assets.

The objectives of the Foundation are to foster on her behalf the development of theater and film arts through support and assistance to individual artists and programs of the state of Serbia.

The Foundation is open to all contributions which would accept the objectives set out in the Act on the Establishment.

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